Friend from the Beyond is a concept I developed in 2019 for my senior film. Senior students who chose to, pitched their films to a board of professors. Friend from the Beyond was one of very few HYBRID films green-lit for production. Friend from the Beyond is about a lonely girl that desperately wants people to show up to her birthday party, but when no one does, she takes matters into her own hands to find company in a strange and unusual way.
Some images from the original pitch presented to the board of professors. It was developed during a 10 week quarter. Along with the images there was a verbal presentation, the idea was to establish story, characters and an interesting visual world. There are also some stills from the original storyboard.
Valeria and Edmund (Val and Ed for short!) Val is a lonely, strange girl that lives alone in the cemetery. Ed unexpectedly comes into Val's life when he is delivered as a dead body at the mortuary.
Below are some early world designs, Val's house, the outside world and some props. a lot of the look was inspired by Tim Burton. Sharp angles, shadows and wonky shapes are natural for me so I tried to add some of that into our film design.
Before production began, I made some animation tests to start understanding how Val would move, how our animation style would work. would their movements be realistic, more rubber hose etc. we landed on more rubber hose, more cartoon-like, very inspired by the animation styles of Cartoon Network shows like Adventure Time.
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