Sculpted, textured and lit in Blender 2.8. The idea was to get a feel and look as if it had been hand crafted with minor creases and bumps that would happen naturally with the artists hand. The black outline around the eyes was created using the grease pencil tool which allows me to 'draw' in 3D space, it was used to further create a 2D look, as if it was outlined with a thin marker, the small texture lines are also applied with that intent.
Also sculpted, textured and lit in Blender 2.8. The intent was also to get a hand-crafted feel and look. I expanded more from only the head sculpt to start experimenting with body proportions. This time the eyes are done differently to match the glass-like look of alien reference eyes, and not necessarily totally hand crafted.
Sculpted, textured and lit in blender 2.8. For this one I took in further than before, I sculpted the entire character. A one eyed monster, with a long neck, flipper-like arms and a big belly. Made with the same concept of making it look 'hand-made'.
This sculpt was more interesting, sculpted, textured and lit in blender 2.8, as reference I used some character drawings from my sketchbook, a big headed big eyed and tiny bodied boy that in real life would probably be crushed by the weight of his head. My first attempt at really capturing my 2D style into a 3D model. I look forward to exploring more like this and matching my art style even better.
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