This was a short commission project following the last day of Trump in the White House as he gets dragged out by security and sent far far away by the Statue of Liberty. Software used: Toon Boom Harmony (animation), Photoshop (Layout) and Adobe After Effects (Composition).
This was a very different kind of project for me, I tend to do more 'obscure' subjects with darker color palettes and worlds. It was a great and fun way to get out of my comfort zone to try to do something funny. In my personal time I have been drawing political figures and this project came at a perfect time for me where I get to expand on the things I had been doing for fun on paper. 
Background Art
Some of the background art created in Photoshop. I kept the designs very simple and easy to read, Since the subject was funny and straight to the point I think the layout itself had to follow that idea in some way, Too much details and textures would have distracted the viewer and made it something more serious that what it really is.
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